DSC04762The Father says today that you can create your own season in life. I have given you dominion and authority to end the dry season and call for the beneficial rains of My Spirit. You are not consigned to waiting upon some imprecise hope that maybe things will get better or that life will become easier. I am the God of YOKE EASY and BURDEN LIGHT! I am the Master and Commander of every challenge set before you – and I am breaking the heavy yoke and breaking the chains of restriction and causing your soul to go free as a bird out of the snare of the fowler.

It matters not that the enemy of your soul has set you for a target. There are those who have looked at you and predicted and even prayed for and expended energy to rob you of your blessing. How can they curse what I have blessed? Yes I have BLESSED YOU says the Father. I have dropped the mantle of My favor on your life as an UNCONDITIONAL gift and there is no power on heaven or earth who can contradict My purpose to bring you to benefit, deliverance and joy in THIS SEASON IN YOUR LIFE!

So don’t look to a hopeful someday because I say to you that your someday is NOW. My NOW promise is blossoming in your life. Fret not because of those who have no faith and not love and no mercy. The mercy of man is a cold comfort to the afflicted and oppressed but I am answering from that high and lofty place where every need in your life is met, every cry of your heart answered and your soul is brought to DEEP REST in Me.

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  • Nadine says:

    Dear prophet Russ and Kitty, God bless you, for grate things you have don, God bless you Prophet Russ and Kitty, for doing the grates gift that God gave you both, the enemy is trying against me, but the gift from God through you, I have strength to over come, God said when you see them you will now them, they are trying to take what God have for me, but with your prayer and my faith in God, I now, I win, please keep up the good work, and may God bless you even more, to bless others around the world, I’m bless from your prophet word from God, grate things he have don, God bless you both, Love Nadine.

  • maria says:

    Thank you so mach for your prophetic words of today

  • THE PEARL says:

    my lord my lord,my lord thank you i recive and belive in jesus name,ilove you jesus,

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