DSC05086The Father says today that I am putting down the tyranny of fear in your life. Fear has tracked you like a predator to steal your joy and rob you of your blessing. Fear will not longer hound your steps. Fear will no longer be the specter that haunts you in the day or plagues you in the night. My faithfulness is the rod that destroys fear. I am establishing benchmarks of My faithfulness in your life. You will no longer simply believe because of the testimony of the scriptures but I will lift that testimony off the pages of the bible and make it your everyday experience.

Yes says the Father I am giving you even this day an entry point into a personal testimony of a New Testament caliber. No more anemic, weak suggestions of what I might do or where I might intervene. You will sink your teeth into the marrow of My faithfulness and know it as your every day moment by moment experience. I didn’t not send the Son to the cross for a vague whisper of vain hope in your life. No says the Father I am descending into your life with power and resurrection and this day I will vanquish the foe and draw you out of many waters and set your feet on the rock of My fidelity.

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  • Oh praise God for this word. I am going home for a couple of weeks. The Lord said, you are ready, go forth. I know what the Lord is wanting me to do. Closer it gets, I feel fear creeping up on me. I just ask a classroom friend of mine to be praying for me, that I will do what the Lord is instructing me to do and say. Praise God, Prophet Russ for this word. Bless you in the Name of Jesus. I got a feeling everything is going to be alright. Praise God.

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