The Father says today, you will walk with Me in the cool of the day. You will hear My sound whirling upon the breezes, says the Father, as I make Myself known to you, and bring you into a place of intimacy beyond what you have experienced in times past. Even as you read the scriptures, My sound will resonate inside of you as the voice of many waters to change and transform you ever into My image and My likeness. You will experience My presence, partake of My gifts and be molded by My character. You will demonstrate My glory in ways that are not stilted by religious traditions or wrong ideas about who I am or what I am all about. It will be said of you in the spirit that you have your Father’s eyes and your Father’s heart – even My heart of compassion and My heart of mercy toward those that have been marginalized, rejected and cast aside by others. Yes – the Love that I AM will become the person that you are, and in that many lives will be touched and changed and brought to new hope through the words and actions that you take to demonstrate who I am to them.

You will walk into a room, says the Father, and change the atmosphere. Where strife and contention reign, calm and the peace of My kingdom will flood that space, and the stillness wherein I am known as I am known will be made manifest. You will walk into a room and immediately the demonic will lose its hold over those that are bound because I walked into that room with you. When this happens, do not get involved in convoluted tactics of deliverance that some indulge in. All you have to do is do one simple thing and that is to say, “Shut up and come out!” and the demon will leave and lives will be free. That is what the demonstration of My power looks like. That is the demonstration of My hand that will be manifest in your life and people will understand that I am not a God bound to religious ways of getting things done, but that I am a God who is made known in compassion and authority who will expose and expel the enemy to bring joy and laughter once again to hearts and lives bound by sorrow and darkness.

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  • Lisa Porsche says:

    I received a word when I was desperate for hope. I have been in need of mentors, to be around people operating in the prophetic, and I had a need to be unstuck-and direction from God was a need, not a want. Thank you to the words I received from my prophetic feedback request given by Russ—I’m moving forward with clarity. Praise God. I’m grateful.

  • Robearh says:

    Hallelujah !!! Thank you Jesus, for your Words. Awesome to me. Amen !

  • Ann Richards says:

    Thank you for the personal prophesy.I must say it does match up to all that The Lord has been revealing to me.I am not at all sure when and how these things will be but I know it will come to pass as God has said.I believe as i receive.When I asked concerning relationships,I see the Lird bringing me into a new relationship this too aI am not sure how this will be like but I believe God is bringing someone into my life for Kingdom purposes.I need clarity on this.Thanks again for the word and I will send my donation soon.God bless you and your ministry.

  • Merry says:

    Praises to our God for getting is faith full. May it be done until me as his word has spoken forth.

  • allison says:


  • Mariana says:

    Amen and Amen. Thank You LORD.

  • J Bolling says:

    Beautiful.Bless the Lord

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