DSC01498The Father says what others call brazen presumption I call legitimate boldness! Humility is not timidity. Be bold to approach and be bold to have confident access to My throne. I haven’t called you to simper and fawn and grovel in My presence. The enemy wants you to do that because he has NO standing in My courts. Stand up! Shake yourself! Receive the robe of entitlement that the purchase of the cross has entitled you to in My presence. It is time says the Father to grow out of the “less-than” mentality and into the “more-than-enough” reality.

You do know that you are not much of a challenge to My mercy and grace don’t you? You do know that your idea of what a rascal you are and what a mess you are does not tap My patience in the least? I have dealt with cases much more despicable than you ever thought of being! If I took the Apostle Paul who knew he was the chief of sinners – if I took him and built the entire foundation of what My church became on the ashes of his shame – how much more will I use you My beloved? So give Me some cooperation – give it to Me today and we will walk these things out together to a new day and a new usefulness in My kingdom.

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