dpwThe Father says today, never compare yourself to others. Never compare yourself or your accomplishment to that of others, Beloved. You are incomparable. There is no legitimate comparison you can make by looking at what others are doing or what they have achieved in life. Those around you may remark how good and clever they are – never follow that poor example. If you are going to be brave, be brave in who I have called you to be, and what I have called you to do. It is the coward’s way out to emulate others or poach someone else’s destiny. Take the time to inquire, know and see yourself as I see you. When you see yourself as I truly see you, and see just exactly what I have called you to do, you will realize just how far short you have sold yourself out to the paltry accomplishments of your peers. Men around you may suggest you need to be like this person or that person, but your authenticity is not found in thinking, talking or acting like another person you admire. Go ahead and admire them and follow their faith – but get your instructions directly from My heart.

The fool emulates and tries to be like someone else. There are no shortcuts My child, to the daring and breathtaking task to which I have called you. When others offer you shortcuts to your destiny, just realize that they are merchandising you for their benefit and not your own. I am your source. I am your one source for inspiration, truth and direction. David was a man after My own heart, but he was plagued through his life by a man named Joab. In Joab’s eyes he was met with scorn one day and flattery another. The day came that Solomon succeeded and put Joab to death. Cut off all such contaminated relationships- those people before whom you can never know where you stand. Those who flatter you on the one hand and scorn you on the other, falsely claim they speak by My voice, but that is not how I see you. Come to Me. Look to Me. Know that who I AM on the inside of you is shaping you and culturing you into the very person I designed you to be before the foundation of the world. Therein is your authenticity. Therein is your purpose made tangible, and will be accomplished, as you trust in who I am and what I am doing, and not allow yourself to be the pathetic facsimile of a flawed human example.

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