Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.47.32 PMThe Father says today that I am moving you into DEEP calling to DEEP time. You have heard My voice says the Father. You have heard My voice when others claimed it merely thundered. You have seen My hand where others thought it was merely a manifestation of angelic activity. This is a new day and a reconfiguring of time and assignment even a clarifying of My purpose. It is time to jettison all temptation to pretense or a jaded perspective for you have seen the false and the unreality of those who lay claim to a mantle that does not rest on their shoulders. Now is the time that MY AUTHENTICITY and RELEVANCE is going to rest on you and bring you to king’s counsels.

There are those you have never seen yourself as standing before that are going to make you a policy maker in their lives says the Father. Though they may never admit to doing so they will take the words of your mouth and deliver themselves from the snare of the enemy for they were stuck and your words gave them the assist to come out of stagnation and emptiness to new life. Don’t be concerned that they don’t recognize My wisdom in your mouth. Just know that promotion comes from My hand and what has been done in secret will be shouted from the roof tops. This is a new day. A new time of blessing when the honor of My courts will be seen upon your life in an unimpeachable testimony.

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  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    Praise the Lord! I receive this prophecy in Jesus name…amen
    . ‘***
    Beloved Prophets Russ and Kitty – I love your new photos here on the Website. You are alive and aglow with the light of Christ. I believe this signifies as a new beginning in your endeavors and that the Lord is blessing you a thousandtimes more than you are including your partners. Deut 1:11.-Thank you Lord!!!

  • honesty says:

    Yes, you are so right about what you stated in today’s message, in todays world, a christian or a child of God cannot speak about or even mention about hearing the voice of the Lord, because the world views christian people or a child of God as crazy or have mental issues and they also believe that its’ all made up in your head and that your hearing voices and that your making up lies and stories.
    when God is a reality and not false and He really does speak to His people and sends messages.

  • Bridgette says:

    Yes Lord! Promotion comes from your hand. I LOVE YOU LORD! Your prophetic word is rceived.

    Amen !

  • nic says:

    amen father

  • olden says:

    Amen!! Thank YOU Jesus!!

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