Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 12.24.10 PMThe Father says today that I am calling you of religious pretense and into spiritual reality. Real solutions to your crises are not found in the platitudes and coping strategies of religious thinking. I AM the I AM and I AM NOW broaching into your life the substantive total deliverance from weakness, disability and sorrow that have at times stalked your life with such tenacity. So allow Me to adjust your mind and spirit and even your body to the NEW kingdom PARADIGM of ASCENDANCY and RULERSHIP over all the power of the enemy!

When I came to earth I descended into limitation, suffering and lack. I had no place to lay My head. I was acquainted with sorrow. All of this I endured in your behalf that I might then ascend and open a door for you to ascend with Me. I am IN you and you are seated with Me in heavenly places. I have no problems because there is nothing in heaven or earth that can resist My sovereignty. I am sovereign in you and through you. I am sovereign in your behalf. I paid the full price for your healing, provision and deliverance says the Father. So this day make it your resolve to adopt a RULING and REIGNING mentality not a SUFFERING and LACKING mentality. This is the preamble to every answered prayer and the shift from struggle to blessing you have sought Me for!

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  • Bridgette says:

    Thank you Lord, as I pray and adopt a RULING and REIGNING mentality and not a SUFFERING and
    LACKING mentality. I cancel and desist this negative spirit from my life and the life of my
    family . . . . In Jesus’s name AMEN ! ! ! !

    I Shall be the HEAD and not the tail, The LENDER and not the borrower. Amen! and Amen!

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