Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 8.32.21 PMThe Father says today what you make happen for someone else I will make happen for you. Are you ready for a substantial shift in the pace of My manifest promise in your life? The acceleration of divine favor and breakthrough can and will be hastened in your behalf but YOU are the determining factor. Go out today and find that person that you are going to bless not just in a token way but in a life changing way. Give of your substance. Give of your time. Give of your heart until you see light dawn and victory break in the face of the one I lead you to.

I have deposited the release of your breakthrough in the life of the one you bring blessing to. As your word, your kindness and your gift of charity leaves your hand to them so My word, my kindness and My gift of charity leaves My hand to you. Your response to the need of the one I lead you to bless will set the preamble for My blessing in your life. So act quickly says the Father and open your hand expansively. The quality and character of your blessing to others will exactly determine the pace and magnitude of what I am preparing to do for you. There is no more delay. There is only YOUR timely response to the word of release that changes their life and brings breakthrough to you now.

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  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    Everyday in everyway this ministry is proven to be of the true and living God. I had the opportunity today to share with one of my co-workers a plan for his gift as a cartoonist. Recently we won a couple of contest at work which my colleague played a major part in with displaying poster boards reflecting his gift as a cartoon artist. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me to minister to him about his gift and I shared several Websites that could help him get started as a professional cartoon artist. His work is incredible. He said he had never thought about it much as he has such a sweet and humble spirit. He was blown away with the idea and thanked me for my wisdom, love and concern. I explained that God had given him the gift to prosper and I also shared with him prosperity scriptures to meditate on in the making. I realize now God was working through me to do just as Brother Russ spoken in his prophetic word for today. WOW Lord you never cease to amaze me. it’s true when you love something or someone it’s hard to stay away from – I think I am addicted to this ministry. Thank you Jesus!!! This is good ground and I plan to sow bigger financial seeds in the very near future.

  • olden says:


    This word blessed me so much!!

    I would like to share with you what happened today!

    I decided to buy cake for the people in my office today and it really blessed them!
    Whilst in the shop where I bought the cake a poor lady came to me and asked me to buy her some applebake pie ( 2 slices), so I decided to do it! She also didnt have transport money so I gave her whatever I had in my wallet.

    I asked her if she wanted bread, but she only wanted the applebake pie!! 🙂

    She was so happy about that!! 🙂

    It really blessed me to be able to do this as I thought about today’s word!

    Thank YOU Jesus!!

    Have a super blessed day!!



  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    This word touches the very core of my heart. It is only by giving that a man grows. I know this message is straight from the Father’s heart because he delights in those who lay their lives down for the brethren. Truly it is more blessed to give than to receive. The reward for giving is beyond our greatest expectations. Thank you Prophet Russ for allowing the Father to express His heart to us.

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