DSC05498The Father says today I am driving the spirit of infirmity out and away from you. I took your infirmities upon Myself on the tree. I bore your sicknesses that you might go free of every physical ailment and difficulty. What man can only help you manage I will completely and totally deliver you from. I am rewriting the genetic code of your DNA right down in your bones. I am excising the genetic predisposition for illness, infirmity encompassing every modern plague. What others have experienced you will not says the Father because the power of the Blood of the Son is your defense from every curse and physical disability.

You will be well says the Father even in spite of environment or unhealthy choices of days past. Learn the lessons of the past and know that I will assist and strengthen you to make the changes that support health and strength. In the midst of it all I will cause your stamina to be increased and your vitality to draw from the tap roots of My power and strength for the tasks that are at hand says the Father. As go the demands of your day so shall be your strength for the challenge each and every day from this day forward!

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  • olden says:

    Amen!! I receive it for me and my family in Jesus Name!!

    GOD is GOOD ALL the time!!

  • Pamela says:

    I receive these words from God, from the very heart of God by His Spirit as confirmation. I was saying to the Lord yesterday, man can temporarily make you feel a little better through many types of treatments for pain, but only God our Father heals. It is God’s will to heal us all. This beautiful message is from the throne of GOD. Thank you Father God!!

  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    Thank you Pastor Russ for this prophetic word from the Father. Thank you Father with the STRIPES OF JESUS WE ARE HEALED AND MADE WHOLE. Thank you Father we are VITALLY AND VIBRANTLY ALIVE AND AGLOW WITH THE LIFE OF THE LIVING GOD. WE ARE HEALED AND MADE WHOLE IN EVERY AREA OF OUR LIVES AND AFFAIRS…we decree this to be so in Jesus’ name and so be it amen and amen!!! Satan and all demon spirits, we bind you away from us and away from the answers to our prayers in Jesus’ name! AMEN FAMILY OF GOD!!!

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