Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.21.45 AMThe Father says today I am establishing My headship within you today. Come up higher says the Father. You have looked at what men have done around you and set your goals based on the accomplishments of mere men. Set your sights higher. Set your expectations higher. Remember the mandate of scripture “looking unto Jesus…” I am the author and the finisher. I am authoring My newness in you and finishing off the enemy who has presumptuously transgressed your borders. I said I am about to FINISH THE ENEMY OFF and giving you a whole new understanding of the fullness of My Spirit on the inside of you.

My glory is a covering glory upon you today. The still small voice is about to become a trumpet of Jubilee within you. I am declaring on your mountain My blessing and My call to war. Shoulder your armor and recognize My hand in your situation. The enemy wants you to pay attention to what he is doing but I say to you it matters not what the enemy is doing because I paid the full price for your deliverance and safety. Be secure in My strength today. Let the enemy be the one who gets depressed and tired and discouraged because you just won’t give in to his lies.

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  • tonya says:

    Jesus Reigns and HE is the source of my strength. There is no one greater or more powerful than the Father.

    I know it is YOU who keeps me day by day. Holy Spirit help me to please YOU and

    Thank you for your glory covering me at all times from things seen and unseen. I praise you.

    Lord Jesus Thank you for Russ and Kitty, bless and keep them, in Jesus Name.

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