Russ-n-Kitty-10-2014x175The Father says today make it your choice to glory in your sufferings and challenges. Know that the pleasure you take by glorying in weakness is about the triumph that surely will follow. Every experience and everything that occurs in your life leads inexorably to My majesty. You don’t have time to be intimidated because you are preoccupied with the anticipation and curiosity about how I am going to manifest My Lordship in the circumstance. The sufferings of the day are not worthy to be compared with the glory that should follow. The glory that follows is glory NOW and not glory later! Can you take NOW for an answer? Now is all I have to give you but all I have to give you is IN your NOW!

The glory that comes in the midst of reproach and assault is because of My Spirit and My power that rests upon you. So don’t look for sympathy – look for My majesty. Wear the enemy down by your freshness. Wear the enemy down by staying fresher longer in the knowledge and conviction that My mercies are renewed every morning. So crisis is no crisis says the Father. You are not being ROBBED you are being ROBED in My majesty. You will not be victimized you will find in the darkest hour the dominance that I have encoded in you as the base line response of a warrior to every challenge. This is the maturity of the saints. The world grows up into cynicism and despair – as a member of My kingdom you mature by growing up in to joy, simplicity and rejoicing in every victory wrested from the jaws of defeat and anguish.

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  • nic says:

    Amen, praise the Lord

  • Johanna says:

    Thank you. I needed this word this morning. I got bad news yesterday and it made me so discouraged that I thought we will never get out of this place. Even though we do as He says and is faithful it seems as though we are abandoned in this place with no means out. I thought I will need to find way of being happy in this place if we are to remain here but the thought just drained me and realky stole all hope and faith even. This word helps me stay foccussed on God and His hope and faith that He will do His will. And gave me a means to make it through this place while being here. We will continue to praise Him and think of His intervention that is coming…

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