DSC05570The Father says today that My thunder is in the heavens and it echoes My voice on the earth. My voice originates not in some far off dimension but on the inside of you. My voice is in you! My kingdom is IN YOU! My glory is IN YOU! From My throne in your heart I rule and put down every power and every principality ranged against you or My purposes in the earth. So know that authority is a reality in your life. You have an authority not born of pride or some mystic force but authority brought to bear in your behalf by the shedding of the blood of the Son!

This day that I am bringing the power and potency of My voice upon you and I am establishing your boundaries and borders. My full majesty will be seen for I will break every false glory that presumes to limit and deny My character and life that resides on the inside of you this day. I am bringing a dividing and a shaking by My voice and I will drive far off from you the enemy and the dark one. I will destroy every strategy and foil every tactic of the evil one says the Father. I will bring you to a place of rejoicing and victory and jubilation for that is YOUR portion this day says the Father!

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  • olden says:

    Amen!! I receive it in Jesus Name!! Thank YOU Lord!!

  • Pamela says:

    HEY! Completely accurate. I heard the Lord shout a couple of days ago and felt HIS voice in me causing my spirit to vibrate. Our Father God is so Wonderful and Perfectly Good, Awesome and Glorious. I trust the Lord to finish the work that HE has started in us all. Thank you Father and My Lord Yeshua.

  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    As I shared an intense prophecy request today 11/5/13. The Lord brought me back to this prophecy to remind me of his plan of protection and victory for me. Surely the Lord is in this place. This ministry is the next best thing to HEAVEN…SUPERNATURAL WEALTH AND UNFAILING PROVISION BE UPON THIS MINISTRY AND IT’S PARTNERS FOREVER…IN JESUS NAME…AMEN!! I know for certain now my BREAKTHR0UGH IS HEADED MY WAY…AMEN.

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