DSC05866The Father says today that there shall be delay no longer!

“I AM that I AM” says the Father and this is the day I am causing you to partake of the “I AM-ness” of My person. Let your expectations be lifted up this very moment I am sending the angel of change to initiate the change, the shift, and the breakthrough in your life. The proscription of deliverance has been scribed into the book of your life and now it is released.

Is there any part of now that you are not prepared to accept by my hand and says the Father? I have no other arena or time-frame than now to perform every promise that I’ve given you whether the promises of my word the promises from the Rhema prophetic utterance. It’s a new Day says the Father you have not been this way before. The territory under your feet represents a new spiritual geography. This is the upward trend of my favor and my purpose in your life. I will extract from you all that the cross paid for. I will see to it that Calvary pays its dividends to the full in your life, for I am very God and I will be very God in your life to the fullest measure!

What Others are Saying:

Thank you Bro. Russ. God is always on time with His Word for our lives. Today I have really seen how different the people of the world see things, to those who are walking with The Lord. The personal Word for me encourages me to always stay on His pathway and to walk deeper into the destiny that my Father has prepared for me. God bless and keep you both, it is a great privilege to be partner in the ministry.

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  • Alison Canty says:

    Can’t wait for God’s personal rhema promises to come to pass in my life. This is very encouraging!

  • Paulo says:

    Bless you Prophet Russell Walden. Indeed the word of God establishes and that of a prophet brings prosperity.

  • Atinuke says:

    Thank you and God Bless you both, this is a word in season, a word of encouragement and it has indeed blessed me. May the great I AM, continue to increase you both on every side and fill you both with His abundance, now and always in the name of Jesus.

  • My God in Heaven, what a mighty word from on High, I thank God for the both of you stay blessed sis. Sylvia

  • Pierre Stoot, 'Peter' says:

    Thank you lord for your many blessings…Help me to be a better person for my wife and family…God Bless this ministry…

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