Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 10.48.32 AMThe Father says today that the enormity of My love for you is set to eclipse the campaign of assault the enemy has perpetrated against you. The enemy has built his siege works and thought to set boundaries and barriers that you would never cross. I will remove these impediments in a day. With the baring of My sinews in your behalf shall the bulwarks of darkness become as tissue evaporated into smoke never seen again. I am for you says the Father and I will never be against you or harm you in any way.

Set your mind and your heart to follow after Me with passion and determination so as not to be turned back or distracted by the lies of the enemy. I will vouchsafe your life and your loved ones. As you go about My business so I will go about your business and I WILL make an end of that for which you have cried out “HOW LONG OH LORD?”. I will be found faithful in your behalf and I will release a covering of favor over you that will be as a bubble of defense that the enemy cannot penetrate or invade. This is your day says the Father. This is the day of defense and a day of delight for you shall see the destruction of the enemy and rejoice over the routing of every foe who has taunted you!

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  • Maribel Fontes says:

    Thank You – much needed word

  • olden says:

    Amen!! Thank YOU Jesus!!
    Bless you guys!!

  • Lizzy says:

    Dear Russ and Kitty:
    Found your website about 3 months ago..and checking it daily since. There have been a couple words of encouragement that I copied to remember. I feel alone now. It’s hard to explain but I’ll try.
    I was made born again when I was healed from breast cancer in my hopsital room and God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit showed up and this Peace envelped me. When I got up the next day, my breasts had already been removed but I was strong and powerful. I was 29 years old when this cancer tried to kill me and Stage 3 so the doctors had did that and wanted me to go thru Chemo/Radiation too…but what they found and documented is that there was no trace of cancer after my Visitation. Something happened to me and a Peace Beyond entered into my life. I was a mother, and wife, and daughter, and sister. It matters not to others but to them a miracle. As a whole family got saved too and beheld me testimony, and all my family was saved by Jesus through this amazing event.

    Since we knew not religion, a man came into our lifes..a man from Uganda who was in charge of born again churches about 2000. He was there right after I got saved…actually the very next day. He was okay at first but over the years his greed and sorcery and self-seeking began to invade our lifes. We went through this because it is written that that stuff happens. So at the end, he was not of us and so the Lord guided me to rid of him…it was a battle for this man resorted to witchcraft. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and was led through this journey. I used to be very rich, and had a life of wealth but to me it was normal. Until, slowly and step by step I found myself needing to get a job. I know it was pathetic because I was born with a silver spoon and ended up in lack and wanting. This is where I am now. Ever since I became born-again the attack on my financials was severe. For my whoe family too. Including my father who was seeking the Lord and found his retirement at risk. I had to fast about that, and he did receive it. I can’t go into detail about this attack but surely witchcraft was against us and the devil loves to make poor whom God has made rich. I’ll tell you the losses were in the millions of millions of millions. I’ve never been pomp and as rich I was a target for jealous people, and I’m not saying riches is where it is but my whole lifestyle changed, and I got a job as a Teacher’s Assistant and now after five years of that I quit because I was being harassed at work by a creep. So now, I work with people of disabilities which I like but the people at my job are so rude and yell and are unprofessional. I see myself climbing out of this a better person. I see myself always defending and helping those condemned by the world. I hate it when reliogious people say the reason they are suffering is because of sin. That’s not what Jesus said. All these people just do the same thing they did to Job. They go there and say…” have an open door of sin in your life.” So stupid and Job had to pray for his friends that said that. So many no it all religious folks that mix their righteous rags with God’s grace. So I don’t go to any church but the right one I found ande it’s an hour away. And I can’t get there because I need a car. So many battles now it’s hard to describe. But God did say I will not be overwhelmed..but I’ve prayed for restoration back in 2004 and sincerly I had a vision and I touched His garment!!! I saw it. It’s a picture of His Grace and I touched Him. And He calls me daughter. So It’s 2013 and I just want to put up my Christmas Tree in my own house, and I don’t think the enemy should have any say so about that!

    Yours Truly-
    Little Miss Warrior wanting Rest…wanting and longing for the same Presence of God that filled my hospital room when I was about to die…the same Presence that was there to defend me when a witch doctor was pulling out all his best arrows and I was made to overcome it by the Blood of my Lamb. So now Oh Lord, let me be in a home, now by Christmas…come now when I need it. And I need His Presence RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    What a comforting and encouraging message for such a time as this in my life and affairs. Thank you Father for a covering of favor over our lives that the enemy cannot get through. All barriers and obstacles to our divinely given good in every area of our lives and affairs are now instantly and permanently removed BY JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF! GOD IS driving away and keeping away wrong people from our lives and affairs in Jesus name….GLORY BE TO GOD. Thank you BLESSED PROPHET RUSS!!

  • Ana Bonilla says:

    Prophet Ross and Kitty, thank you for this word. I had an attack of the enemy in the middle of the night. I saw 4 big bed bugs and a woman who looked like a witch and I wake up when I felt something bite my hand. The Lord had told me few days ago to be alert because the enemy was planning an attack. He revealed through the dream and now is confirming it. I couldn’t read the prophecy until today. Thanks to God for caring, warning, preparing and helping us. Thanks to you for obeying God, blessings…

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