Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 7.01.28 AMThe Father says today Fear not! Fear is a result of being misdirected by the enemy and his felonious suggestions of his falsified supremacy. Fear not! The adversary is not your equal! The enemy of your soul holds not entitlement to the BLOOD that was SHED in your behalf! The enemy of your soul does not have the My NAME that is bestowed upon you as a shield and staff! Fear NOT for the enemy has not My ineffable word which destroys every false burden and yoke.

If you walk through the fire, the flames will not kindle upon you; if you walk through the water, you will not drown. Fear not! Let go and be confident. In quietness and in confidence shall you realize your sonship. My peace, give I unto you. Do you not see that there is no need for you to struggle, no need to exert vain and futile effort, or to attempt to mold My will to yours? My peace, I give to you. That is My gift to you, a spiritual gift of spiritual peace. Only let go!

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  • Drexel Green -Brown says:

    This is exactly how I’ve been feeling . What an on time word from the Lord. I need to let go and let God.

  • Moses Moate says:

    I WILL FEAR NOT,NO MATTER HOW DARK IT CAN BE “I WILL FEAR NOT” for my Lord is with me and my family all days of our lives. Thank you Jesus.

  • Faith Evans says:

    Amazing! I was restless all night but I was thinking of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace who were not alone because of the Fourth Man in there with them – and they came out unharmed without even the smell of smoke on their clothes. I also saw myself waist-high in a rapidly flowing river, trying to get to the other side. But I clearly heard the Lord say ‘When you pass through the waters I will be with you’! No matter what situation we find ourselves in TODAY, know this – beloved of the Lord – that He goes with us through the difficulties and trials of life. He doesn’t take us round the problem but He takes us through. Praise Him for His faithfulness!

  • lindiwe Putu says:

    Amen I receive this word in Jesus name

  • lilah says:

    Awesome. .thank u Father

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