DSC04628The Father says today cast all your cares upon Me. I care for you. I see every problem and every worry and have it all in hand. Those things that are a challenge to you are as nothing to Me. Do you realize that I am highly motivated to make a difference in your life? I have no reluctance or reticence to act in your behalf. When you pray about provision or deliverance or the salvation of your loved one My ear is attentive to your cries. You don’t have to overcome My reluctance to answer your prayer because I don’t have any.

I am not a wizened old man with a white beard sitting on a distant throne. I don’t look upon your suffering and nod My head knowingly as though I took some perverse pleasure in the pain in your life. I know that erroneous image is how I’ve been portrayed says the Father by those who ought to know better. When you wonder what My heart is toward you don’t look at seemingly unanswered prayers and conclude I have turned My face from you. Look to the cross. The cross is My living answer to every cry of your heart. The blood of the cross is My provision for every need. The crown of thorns is My response to every mind binding fear and torment that grips you. The stripes on My back are My answer to every physical condition short of perfect health.

Lean INTO Me this day says the Father. Ease your cares over on Me and know that I am working in your behalf. Listen for My voice and act upon those things I instruct you to do and say. This is the season that I am coming along side you to will and to do My good pleasure. My good pleasure says the Father is to give you the Kingdom and cause My kingdom to stamp it’s image of righteousness joy and peace on every aspect of your existence.

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  • kate248 says:

    Oh my, your words from the Father are so RIGHT on TARGET! Yesterday’s word was used in my life as an awesome Confirmation and today’s word is just so precious also. I know that my God sees, hears and knows all and WILL bring me OUT! This has been by far the most trying month in all of my years on earth, and I am so encouraged that God knows and is ultimately in charge of it all. Thank you so much for seeking the Lord and bringing His word to our hearts!

  • Drexel Green -Brown says:

    This word is on time. Im believing God for unanswered prayers. I’m believing him to turn what was meant for my family harm into good. Just hearing this news helps to strengthen my faith for complete. victory .

  • grace says:

    iam extremely amazed!i have been facing alot of problems and tribulations and iam still praying and seeking God’s answer.I truly believe iam on the right track and will keep seeking and praying.Thanks for thr prophetic message.Indeed God reighns and will reign forever!Let us exault Him together!

  • Julie says:

    Amen! I love you Lord. I really needed to hear this and will keep these words close to my heart.

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