dpwThe Father says today I am your Comforter. I am comforting you with the comfort that represents My character and My love for you. Sorrow and sighing flee away at the comfort that I release and impart to you this day. Be not dismayed or in sorrow for is there no depth of heartbreak that I am not the balm – the balm of Gilead in time of need? Trust Me says the Father. Things are not hopeless though things look out of order in a major way in your life. Others look at your suffering and shake their head and cannot image how such devastation can be endured. They have no idea – no concept of the fluid love of My full affection that is yours in the midst of the dark time. When you are in need and when you can no longer restrain your grief – just let it go and turn to My embrace.

You don’t have to run to Me in such times says the Father because I have already hastened to you. When you are hurting I am not going to show up with a Sunday School lesson. I am going to show up with the tenderness and gentleness that is My identity when you need Me to be that for you. What do you need for Me to be in your life today? What is the shape of the void that is throbbing and aching in your heart to be filled? I am your friend, your Father, your Lover, your Brother, I am all those things and I don’t need anyone’s help or permission to display that radical favor in your life. So accept this and release yourself to the saturation of My passion and love and carefulness for you this day for I am capturing and captivating you to such a degree that you won’t even remember the grief or sorrow or disappointment of the day.

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  • Karen says:

    This is a very timely Word for me. A couple of days ago I was telling my pastor and his wife about a man who got healed and how God did it. The minister told me that what I said didn’t happen. He was not there when the man was healed. It was at a cell group meeting several years ago. It was devastating that the minister would accuse me like that. I want to tell the account of his healing especially since the devil is trying to attack me.
    I had no idea this leader of the cell group was hurting. I was on my way to the cell meeting and thanking God for how he had blessed me through this cell group. I told the Lord if there is anything I can contribute to the meeting to let me know. I want to be a giver.
    During my 40 min. trip to the meeting I began to feel fire in my leg, particularly behind my right knee. It was burning hot. I had felt heat before, but not like this. I knew it was the Holy Ghost, but I was also inexperienced. When I got to the meeting, I told a couple people what had happened in the car and asked what should I do? A lady told me to ask if anyone had a pain where I was feeling the fire…so, I asked and two people said they had pain in that exact spot. Then I was instructed to lay my hands on their knee where I had felt the fire. Just before I laid my hand on the person’s knee, the fire came in my hand and when I touched his knee, the fire went into his knee. Only one of the men received healing he had been pleading with God for.
    ALL GLORY BE TO GOD OUR HEALER!!! GOD IS THE HEALER AND PLEASE DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENTLY, Even if it is a “minister”. The Word of God is true! God bless you all!

  • Mel says:

    This word is so true.

  • Kevin Jancsy says:

    Hi These daily Word’s display a wonderful Awesome Father. Wow I am simply amazed by Him.He is everything anyone could ever want or need. I am in AWE of HIM. Thank you, kevin J

  • Amen! I love you Jesus!

  • Piper Henry says:

    Hallelujah and Amen.. your love is amazing, Lord.. You are their in the mist of it all, you hold me up with your right hand.. Thank you Father God for your overflowing love that never cease..

  • Thanks for saturating the day for.me with your words which R Truth. Amen

  • Thank you Lord for ALWAYS being there

  • Amen! Thank You the lover of my soul!!

  • I believe, I receive in Jesus name, amen

  • carol says:

    Amen! Thanks for such comforting

  • Amen thank u Jesus i believe nd i receive ur word

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