Palm Trees Along Gardens Parkway Street in Palm Beach GardensThe Father says dream a bigger dream. You’re one of those people like Jabez in the Scriptures who found his life limited in certain ways and he cried out to Me and asked Me to enlarge his coast. I am speaking enlargement over your life says the Father. Don’t look at the natural. Don’t go by what common sense says can or could be accomplished. Listen to My voice and concentrate on the vision that I am painting in your heart. In some ways your life has seemed bounded and limited but I am not limited you says the Father. I am not limited you but I am enlarging you. I’m expanding boundaries and borders of your life and I’m giving you the warrior spirit to go slay the Giants and overcome the obstacles that would prevent you from coming to your destined purpose says the Father.

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  • Ede Bahia says:

    Amem, Amem, Amem! Praise God for this word!

  • Kerlene says:

    I began receiving daily prophetic word in April 2014 and I am moved by the way in which the Father guides me by these prophesies and the relation with the scriptures He personally reveals to me. Whenever I read these prophesies I feel the Father talking right to me. I am inspired to serve Him more faithfully as I travel life’s journey. May God continue to use you Prophets Russ and Kitty, for the glorification of His kingdom. in Jesus Name. Amen

  • HEIDI Roberts says:

    Father God, I thank you for you words spoken deep within my heart this day 05/26/2014 for I receive them gladly. Ok, Abba Daddy, I am dreaming Bigger, and Bigger, as you have ask and planted within my heart this day, for you see my needs, and I’m asking you to keep your promises to me, I know you can do anything you want to, so I come boldly before your throne of Grace with my petitions laid before at your feet, I cast my cares and concerns to you asking lovingly to meet the pressing obligations in my finances, for my life has been limited, Now , I’m expecting anticipating, a turnaround in every area of my life to come forth NOW, in Jesus name, I call forth the failed Harvest, i have given, and given, been faithful, what else is there for me to do. I cry out to you, I know you have heard my plea, for you have spoken to me in days pass, “I can have it all”, so I am asking, believing, I will receive all and everything you have for me this day, and years to come.

    Amen ! i praise you from the debts of my being. I love you Daddy Abba. I love Russ & Kitty, Thank You forever

  • Greg says:

    Jesus, I appreciate this Word. Please help me hear Your voice and envision personally what You say which You’re “painting” in my spirit. I’m tired of feeling constrained and limited when my Father in Heaven is unlimited. Please, please open the eyes of my understanding right now and help me experience the fact that You’re able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I can ask or imagine according to the power that works in me. Amen & thank You.

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