DSC05428The Father says today you are not an outer court Christian. That is not your call and that is not your territory. You have done your time in outer court religion but now I am calling you not just into the holy place but into the holy of holies were my Shekinah presence is the only illumination. I dwell in thick darkness and I am calling you to walk where others are hesitant to go. I am giving you the treasure in secret places. You will know and you will walk in the thick darkness of hidden places where I alone dwell and come out with a blank checkbook of My blessing in your life.

You are going to have to ask Me says the Father and I dare you to ask for that which I am willing to supply. Change. I am writing the word change over your life. Change isn’t harmful, change is beneficial. Allow me to define shift, transition and commissioning in your life. I am commissioning you says the Father, your blessing time has come but every blessing comes gift wrapped in kingdom responsibility. Be willing to say “here I am Lord send Me …” and I will take you by the hand and walk you off your map into a whole new geography of blessing and fulfillment in My purposes.

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  • kate248 says:

    Oh my, I know that you have been fellow-shipping with the Father in the dark secret place to come out with this GOD WORD! This word is SO encouraging , and no matter whether I understand what is going on in my life or not God will walk me out of this trouble. I am receiving KEYS Of WISDOM, but I don’t fully understand them all just YET, but I trust that GOD himself will use them in my life and also thru my life to help others!

  • Lindiwe says:

    Amen! I receive this word in Jesus name!

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