DSC05588The Father says today that My kindness is about to pay its dividends in your life. My kindness is about to visit you and address every deficit you have experienced both naturally, in relationships and spiritually. You have been dry and thirsty and others have said “can’t you just be satisfied…” There was even an accusation that your lack of contentment was a deficiency of spiritual maturity. On the contrary the Father says that eagles don’t thrive in hen houses. I am bringing you out of hen house religion and into the company of eagles. It doesn’t matter if others don’t understand or “get” you for so they didn’t understand me. I am cleansing you from the past and I am wrapping you up in Myself says the Father and bringing you to place of rest. In that rest will come the outpouring of good things you have believed for and hoped and wished for says the Father for that is My NOW purpose in your life.

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  • nicky says:

    Wow amen, luv it love god

  • lindiwe Putu says:

    amen, thank you Father!

  • Dysheana Sanders says:

    Yes Lord!!! My soul says YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HEIDI Roberts says:

    Praise be to God in the highest, Amen, I await, I receive it, be it unto me Abba Father Daddy, my heavenly Daddy of all, the Best Daddy to me ever. I feel so desperate in my anticipation, expectation of your Glory, your overpowering love bestowed upon me this day, for you are indeed speaking to me, I claim this word as my very own spoken deep within my spirit, Yes I have believed and held onto your many precious promises spoken over my life, what I’m asking for now, is the Manifestation to soon very soon come to pass this year 2014 as you promised in your words to your chosen one’s. Heal my pains in my heart, the barren dry ground, the longing, the aches,take it all away. What i long for more than life itself is to be where you are seated.

    i’m not happy in this world, yet my joy is always in you, you are all I keep my focus on, day to day, I long to be caught up to meet you in the air, this world has nothing for me, it is growing darker, and darker, as each passing day arises, my heart my Daddy, is you, I desire to be away from here, to be with you, in that beautiful place, where i can see your love, your angels, love one’s, is my Greatest desires, come quickly Lord Jesus Amen. I love you far above all and everything. I thank you from my heart of heart’s, how you send comfort to my soul, through your prophet Russ, and Kitty, they are truly love by me, for I love there heart’s, because you are abiding in them. Look forward to hearing another exciting prophetic words from you tomorrow morning May, 22,2014, for you lift me higher, you give me hope, you give me life. Amen.

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