dpwThe Father says today be a creator of the environment that others around you live in. I said to My disciples to take their peace and leave their peace in the places where they traveled and where they ministered. One person walking with Me is a master and commander of whatever environment they find themselves in day by day. There is ministry portion in your life says the Father. I have given you jurisdiction. Say of your soul “greater is the pressure of God on the inside of me flowing out than the pressure of the enemy outside of me trying to get in…” To do otherwise says the Father is to become infected with the spirit of the world. You are always under some spiritual influence. Let the influence you respond to and the influence you exude be the influence of My grace. My power. My positivity. My helpfulness. My love. Let My love be the spiritual soup that others ladle into their life when they get around you. Be a spiritual soup kitchen in the lives of those who are starving and emaciated for just one ray of hope in their lives. This is who you are are. This is what I have called you to.

You are a master and a commander says the Father. You are a principality and a power. That isn’t what you have been told and that isn’t the thinking of those with a religious mentality. The enemy wants men to think his power originates in some authority I have accorded him. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is a thief! He is a shop lifter! The first thing Satan absconded with was the authority that was given to Adam and to Eve in the garden. What was LOST in the fall is RESTORED IN CHRIST. By the efficacy of the blood of Christ and the authority of My word in the earth I declare to you that you are a DEMON MASTER and a lord of your own harvest! Refuse to concede the ground of your life to those who barge in with consternation, panic, concern and worry. Stand up on the inside of yourself and become the person that I have ordained. You are so much more capable and powerful and wonderful than the enemy wants you to see. You are My beloved. You are the object of My favor. I am a winner therefore you are a winner. You are not a loser because I am not a loser and I am on the inside of you. The victory and power and authority you have seen others walk in is only the faintest hint of what I am demonstrating and according you to stand up in and walk out in the earth even this day says the Father.

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