DSC05176The Father says today come up higher. Come up higher says the Father and give me the mantle that I laid upon your shoulders as a young person. This is CHANGE OF ASSIGNMENT TIME says the Father. I am turning you, turning you and turning you. I am going to open your eyes to some things that have gone on in the past and you are going to see with new eyes and know by the Spirit what was really going on in a time of confusion. I will then turn your eyes to the present and you will see into the spirit like a forward observer in a war zone does and you will call down the artillery bombardments of heaven upon the ranks of the enemy that oppose my purposes. I will cause you to see into the future like reading tomorrows headlines and you won’t need the news or to pickup the telephone for I will cause you to know what is on the morrow says the Father for this day I release a new and fresh SEER anointing upon your life.

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  • faith moloi says:

    I receive the word from the Lord, I open my heart to receive instruction. Amen!

  • Moses Moate says:

    Amen i recieve the blessing in Jesus name.

  • nicky says:

    Amen, praise you Lord, thanks russ

  • Mya says:

    Wow. For years now there seems to have been a great war going on all around me, even in times that my heart was set . . . I would look at the other folks lives and wonder why–why mine had to be this way. Some of it was choices. Much of it, was not. & After a long time of feeling I was just where I should be, even that was blown away. WAS very confusing. Also, was hard. Felt like a wilderness with war. I know there has been war. War for my soul . . . and when that did not work, war for my demise . . . demise of anything that God had task for me. Just yesterday at church, with some visitors from a Bethel Ministry— the rest that was clinging finally was gone. Your Word yesterday, I commented “spot on”. Your Word today, EXACTLY where I feel I am. Poised for tasks at hand and what has been my true destiny all along. Just recently one of the most exciting God dreams!!! In it I was raised up, yet standing on the Rock. When the adversary’s nasty voice kept accusing me . . . I didn’t even take heed. Instead I spoke back what had taken place and why I had been “waiting” so long—————— because my vehicle needed worked on, and because I was waiting for the vehicle to come!!! When I turned around (happily), it was a large propane truck!!! 🙂 I accept this word also. Seems another confirmation.

  • khalilah says:

    Wondeful..thank you Jesus for my new eyes

  • d says:

    It is now 1:57 in the morning May 20th. South Africa and dear man of God led by the Holy Spirit I read the word you gave. 3weeks ago. Prophet Andre sai we need to forgive to go to the next level. Needless to say… YES your word confirms my next level.
    Glory to God
    Bless you faithful One

  • lindiwe Putu says:

    amen I receive this word and I receive the mantle of a Seer in my life, thank u Father, this is indeed a confirmation of what is happening in my life right now!

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