DSC06690The Father says you have traveled a very level plane in life for quite some time. I have kept your foot from stumbling but the landscape hasn’t changed very much. You have wondered “Father when are the things you promised and put in my heart going to come to pass?” You are not only a person of ambition but also with a great passion. Some have suggested that your vision does not reflect proper humility as though to suggest you are walking in pride. But the Father says my Beloved DREAM a bigger dream. Let your expectations become the orbital vehicle that launch you into a higher place. You will be promoted in health and promoted in favor and promoted in influence. I will open your mouth and my wisdom will come out. Others will hear and heed and will call upon you to serve in important places to bring about vital kingdom projects.

You see the Father says delay is not denial – get ready, get ready, get ready for I am bringing the angels of My goodness over your life and they will pass-over you in blessing and in fullness. I will do the thing you have petitioned me for and cause a new season and new day to dawn for you personally. This is Matt 6:33 time says the Father – even as you have sought My face surely you will see My hand and there will be DELAY no longer.

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  • lindiwe Putu says:

    Amen, i receive this word, let it be established in my life in Jesus name

  • Tonya says:

    Wow, dream a bigger dream. God is UNLIMITED. Our minds are so limited. Thank you for this powerful Word of God. PROMOTION comes from God. Hallelujuah, Jesus is the ONLY true and living God. Russ and Kitty, you are both awesome vessels.

  • Bridgette says:

    Dear Jesus & God, I am so thankful for this word today. I receive, believe, decree, and declare
    this prophetic word being spoken over my life this day. I know that you love me and knows what
    is best for me and my family. I believe in you my Father, your holy spirit, and all else
    associated with you. I receive your holy word in Jesus name Amen!

  • HEIDI Roberts says:

    I’m one of those the Father is speaking to in this hour. Yes I have wondered when the promises spoken to me back in 1994 would come to pass, I believed, held on with my heart, as to why, I was Not receiving the Blessings, the Father God, has promised me. This is my testimony, I’m one of his people, the Father, is speaking to in this hour, and I rejoice with gladness, for I desire to be blessed so I can be that Great Blessings to others, not to heap it all on myself, to give, to the gospel , the Kingdom, of God, as he Blesses me, to be able to sow more and more with the seeds he has placed in my hands. I know that I know, that I know this is my time. The Father has promised me he would make my name Great, like the Great one’s, which were in the earth, that he would fill me with his Glory, his refreshing, how I would walk in fields of Glory for his name sake, Rivers of living water overflowing my being, so many many wonderful promises spoken over my life, since 1994, which I have kept, written down, read them over and over and over, believing, hoping for the day to come to pass. I have prayed stood ,before demonic forces as his precious daughter, fought in prayer against spiritual forces coming against me, and won the much victory, time after time. The Father God, has indeed sustained me through it all, he has kept me, when my heart was saying how much longer shall these things be? I know he is a God, of timing, his thoughts are not our thoughts, his ways are much higher, through the
    pain, the suffering I had to endure, I am now free. Praise God !

    Thank You Russ Walden and Kitty, I am truly Blessed to be a Blessings to this Ministry, and many others. This is one of my favorites to visit daily. I long to read his prophetic words from you, may the Father richly Bless
    you and Kitty. I love you both in my heart of hearts, thank you so much. Love Heidi

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