dpwThe Father says today go out in your day and overwhelm the enemy with your joy. My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy. Your peace and your joy will cause the enemy to be bread for you. I will take that which the enemy has sowed in your life and grind it to powder and make him drink the dregs of his own assault against you. This is what your joy does. Your joy deflates every ambition the enemy has against you. Your peace wearies the enemy and causes his hands to hang down and his heart to sink. Your sense of entitlement in My kingdom absolutely terrorizes the enemy. Your joy, your peace and your entitlement keeps him awake at night. Your audacity robs the enemy of his initiative till he simply capitulates and throws in the towel. Go forth today and weary the enemy with your patience and your joy.

Take on the status quo and do not relent until stagnation turns into transition. Until your baggage becomes luggage and you find yourself ascending into the fullness of My promise. Be a person of a different spirit. Put the enemy on his belly. Make the enemy assume the position. Make the enemy adopt the lower position because you are seated in heavenly places in Christ. Take your words of faith and expectation and manacle the enemy’s hands and shackle his feet. Make the curse that the enemy has cursed you with define his personal outcome. Your authority in Me will force the enemy to assume a prone position before Me. This is your portion. You are so dangerous. You are so dangerous to the domain of darkness that they cross to the other side just to avoid you. Avoidance is the enemy’s highest priority when he sees you coming. This is who you are. This is what My favor in your life looks like says the Father.

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