dpwThe Father says today that learning to overcome is the most basic lesson in the kingdom. The first thing you must learn to overcome is yourself. When you learn to overcome yourself the enemy doesn’t even show up for the fight. You do understand that I have abundance and the enemy has a plan based on limited resources? This is why the enemy’s biggest tactic is to intimidate you and keep you from showing up for the fight. This is the good fight of faith. The only good thing about any fight is the fight you win. There is nothing good about losing. That is why there is no “losing” in the kingdom. You are not a loser therefore you are not destined to lose. When the enemy sees you he will give up the fight because he knows he doesn’t have enough fear, intimidation or terror to match the confidence you have in Me.

So just show up says the Father. Show up and be ready not to fight each other but to mop up what I finished in the resurrection. Your weaponry and your armament come from the resurrection side of things says the Father not the human side of things. You are human – yes but you are not merely human. You are imbued with power from on high that originates in My throne. That is why fighting each other is such a waste of time. Neither have I called you to fight the world. I died for the world. I gave My life for the world. Heaven’s best was laid out as a slain lamb for the world so realize you are not called to resist the world. The resistance you are laying down is upon the losing team – the domain of darkness that doesn’t have the wisdom to quit the field in the aftermath of Calvary. So go forth says the Father. Do not be intimidated or dismayed. I am standing with you as the Lord of Sabbaoth. I am the God of Hosts and as you stand with Me so I stand with you and will cause you to overcome in all things.

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