The Father says today, I have placed in you the heart of a worshipper. You are one that is ordained to express intimacy, because intimacy with you is the highest priority I have in our relationship. Go ahead and worship. Worship freely and openly. Worship is how I like to spend time with you.  I made you to have a very keen mind so you could hear Me in worship.  I made you to feel things deeply so I can come near to you in worship.  You have at times wondered why your emotions run so deep, as though something was wrong with you. There isn’t anything wrong, says the Father. This is how I made you.  Not everyone will understand but this isn’t a performance. When you worship, it is between you and I – not something for spectators who have forgotten how to approach My throne.  It is a struggle to move in this dimension of Spirit at times but the Lord says, I put that struggle and that pressure on the inside of you that you might find expression of it and break through the natural barrier into the glory place of My throne on the inside of you.

Your prayer times will now begin to be very dynamic in nature. You won’t be able to sit quietly, praying with your hands folded and your lips barely moving. This is the hour that the zeal of the Lord of hosts will consume you with holy fire.  Your posture will change and even the physical response to My presence will become very emphatic and strong in you. You will raise your hands and you will kneel and others around you will begin to respond to the example of your passion before Me. You will reach out and touch people, praying with great effectiveness in healing and miracles as the unutterable gushings of your heart release My power upon all those around you. My river of glory – My river of intensity and passion will now begin to spring up out of your belly and fill the flood plain of your life and many lives with the testimony of My goodness. Step out into the currents of what I am doing and what you sense I am saying in those moments. The glory will come. Lives will be changed and My name will be made famous as you yield yourself to Me.

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