DSC08079The Father says today take off your shoes for you are on Holy Ground. Right now I am standing by you to support and strengthen you. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it with the WAR WORDS that portend victory. Reject all unbelief. Reject all compromise with the enemy. There is no treaty to be made with the enemy of your souls. I will strengthen you for the battle and at the end of the day you will put your foot in the neck of the enemy. I will render to you the spoils of answered prayer and deliverance and victory.

I am a man of war says the Father. In your behalf I shall make war and yes I will strengthen you for the fight. Be of good courage. The angel that stood by Joshua at Jericho stands by you this day. The walls of adversity will fall. The enemy that taunts will be defeated and brought down. You will carry away the spoils of victory and rejoice in the trophies that I won for you on the cross and delivered to you in the resurrection says the Father.

What Others are Saying:

I am so thankful for your ministry. Your daily prophecies have meant so much to me for the past year and a half, but the prophetic counseling session just was such a huge blessing from God in answering many questions i have had and confirming the desires of my heart. I pray that the Lord blesses you, your family, and your ministry abundantly.

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  • nicky says:

    amen praise u Lord

  • Bridgette says:

    Lord Jesus, my father I stand on your word this day. I ask for your strength and guidance
    this day. Lord, you said in your word that you shall give your angels charge over me,
    and that you will keep those in perfect peace whose minds are set upon thee.Prophet Russ, Kitty, and ALL you believers in Christ PLEASE pray for me and my family, last
    night or this morning thieves (satan people) entered our premises (yard) and stole from
    God’s people (me and my family) they stole our lawnmower, a gas tank, a door that was in
    our yard and God knows what else.You know this is not the first time we’ve lost to those thieves. We last year lost our vehicle,
    a while before our first and new lawnmower, and other. We’ve lost (2) vehicles. Please pray
    that we recover our hard worked for items in “TRIBLE FOLD!” Lord, despite it being hard, help us
    to forgive the deceptive thieves.

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