14The Father says today that some things are nobody’s business but yours and Mine. You have wondered if you were supposed to go open up the situation to people that might be able to help but the Father says I am pouring into that life the rain of heaven. I am sending the original extract of My presence into the broken-ness of the situation and before man could wrap his mind around the difficulty I will already have answered from heaven.

So just WAIT says the Father and standing the glory that I have released and imparted and made available to you. This is your now time says the Father. Be of good comfort. Be of good comfort says the Father. I have not left you nor have I forsaken or withdrawn Myself from the situation just because it is distasteful and even shameful. I am with you THERE says the Father and My deliverance is being visited upon you now.

What Others are Saying:

What a comforting and encouraging message for such a time as this in my life and affairs. Thank you Father for a covering of favor over our lives that the enemy cannot get through. All barriers and obstacles to our divinely given good in every area of our lives and affairs are now instantly and permanently removed BY JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF! GOD IS driving away and keeping away wrong people from our lives and affairs in Jesus name….GLORY BE TO GOD. Thank you BLESSED PROPHET RUSS!!

Guest Prophetic Word from Pearline Clyne:

The Father say’s today that He is tenderly, beckoning unto you my child to come into His place of rest. He said that I am your healer, your deliverer, your nurturer. Come to me my precious ; with me your broken or fractured wings or legs are totally mended. No longer will you limp, feel weary or feeble. I am here to preserve you, yes I am here to restore & strengthen you to your former glory. It is that my glory is already within the recess of your entire being.

Today, I lift you up beyond all measure more than you can ever envisage, and you will then know of my burning love for you. I shall raise you up far beyond the clouds into the heavens then you shall know that I thy God has raised you up and “My Glory” will shine through you- Yes you will become the empowerer that I have called you to be in my name.

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  • Dysheana Sanders says:


  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    Thank you Father-God for your love, wisdom and guidance in these messages. It is evident that all things are truly working together for good to those who love you. I praise, bless and give thanks that you are coming through for us now defeating every foe, turning everything to good and richly supplying every need, want and good desire. We thank you for the holy angels who are moving mightily in our behalf, even this moment in Jesus’ name…amen.

  • Alison Canty says:

    The first part of this prophetic word was right on for me because I opened up to 2 people about visions that God has given me about a specific man who I believe is supposed to be my husband and I got attacked from the enemy. I had to repent for having told too many people about what God has spoken to me because I believe that is why I got attacked.

  • Robert says:

    The amazing thing about this word is that the day before, my Son wanted me to go with him to see his counselor about my situation, which he has a hard time with and so do I since I’m being held in the desert here so I had asked Da if I was suppose to go to it or not. So the first one didn’t work out but my son is persistent and has asked again so now I need to know again, if this is over for that one time or if it continues.

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