16The Father says today let there be a constant abiding in My presence this day. No matter the interference or disruption purpose in your heart not to be dissuaded from your focus upon Me. I delight in your attentiveness as a bridegroom delights in the bride that He has chosen. You are My chosen and My beloved. Tongue cannot tell nor human thoughts convey the passion and intensity of My love for you. Yet this love is the love that I have given you to know even in your mortality for there I gave Myself that you might come from death to new life.

So go ahead says the Father and plumb the depths of that love and know its height and breadth in your life. When all you weaknesses and shortcomings have been fully and exhaustively laid out by your enemies as reason for Me to turn away I will yet be loving you and accepting you and washing you with My words of love My beloved!

What Others are Saying:

This is for me for sure. The Lord has given me eyes to see and ears to hear. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I will believe what God says about my eyes, my ears, my hands and my feet and not the enemy. I feel the anointing of God over my senses even now! God is pouring out HIS spirit on all flesh. Oh it is good to wait upon the LORD! Hallelujah.

Guest Prophetic Word from Nicole Chesterman:

The Father says today, see and re-experience the salvation of the Lord. Bask in the intimacy of the work completed on the cross on your behalf. Reminisce, rekindle and reignite your first love experience you had on that day you came to know me. The many trials, temptations and things of this world that have come to supress, try and test your faith have in fact made you stronger and more intimate with and in Me. You have been tested in the firey furnace of life and proven faithful. I see everything and am above all things and not a hair on your head is uncounted for or goes unnoticed. Every minute detail of your being and life has been handcrafted by Me and is precious in My sight. The perfection I see in you is like sun light permeating through the break of dawn. Like the sun, My Son brings life out of situations to bring forth and bear the fruit of glory through the fullness of your faith and the Christ in you.

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