15The Father says today that I am bringing you into a SEEING SEASON. I have many great and mighty things that I want to do in the earth says the Lord. Open your heart and tell your EYES to see and your EARS to hear the report that comes from My throne and not the evil report of man. Man only sees the problem and is blinded to My presence – but you are not blinded for this day I have opened your eyes that you might see that more there are for you than are ranged against you.

I set My face against the proud says the Father but I give grace to the humble. Go low and worship. Choose to have no opinion when all others are prating like fools, displaying their opinions like badges of distinction and honor. Let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth and wait I say upon My hand. In returning and rest will I bring your deliverance and in trusting and confidence will be your reward!

What Others are Saying:

I am SO VERY GREATLY for this God sent prophetic ministry. prophets Russ and Kitty
are NOT in this for the money. They are beautiful loving caring prophets.

Guest Prophetic Word from Tereka Smith, the Prophet of St. Louis Street:

The Father says today I want you to praise my name, praise My name like you never have before because in spite of your situation, you look back at the past until now of all that I have brought you through, do you think I will not bring you through this time. As you rejoice I will fill you with the laughter of my joy , and make thine enemies a footstool, and I will make today a day to remember.

As you press and praise my name I will fill you up in a new way you have not known. I rejoice when you rejoice, I dance when you dance, I sing when you sing. So rejoice Let everything that has breath praise Me.. The trees clap there hands before me the birds sing melodies to me day by day. I am your Father that takes good pleasure in my children. My blessings will I pour upon you in a new way, so get ready, get ready, change is on its way, not only for my people but for the nations , so get ready, Let every thing that has breath praise the Lord!!

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  • Pamela says:

    This is for me for sure. The Lord has given me eyes to see and ears to hear. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I will believe what God says about my eyes, my ears, my hands and my feet and not the enemy. I feel the anointing of God over my senses even now! God is pouring out HIS spirit on all flesh. Oh it is good to wait upon the LORD! Hallelujah.

  • Stephanie says:

    Hosanna in the highest!!! Let our King be lifted up. Amen

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