The Father says today, you are called after an eternal order and priesthood. The line of David extends in you through the Lordship of Christ. The DNA of your king flows through your Spirit. My nature, My DNA is in you now – supplanting everything in you that does not originate in My throne. Fear not the man of sin. The man of sin in you is daily being brought to the cross. The new creation that I am in you sits on the throne. I have called you to throne life in Me. You are in Me and I am in you – ruling and reigning. I am ruling and reigning in you and I am ruling and reigning through you. I will not work around you. I will not work in spite of you. I am working in you and through you as you cooperate with Me and say “YES LORD” to My plans, My purposes and My pursuits to the fullest extent. 

Come now, says the Father. Come now and allow Me to cleanse you and render you from crimson stain to white washed snow. As a refiner’s fire, I am rendering you down to your basest constituent component till there is nothing left of you and I then become the ALL in ALL on the inside you. The mind may object and the heart may tremble – but all that matters is that your heart says “yes”! Yes, to My hand. Yes, to My heart. Yes, to all that I have promised and yes, to all that I require. Even as you have those things that you require, even so, I am a God of requirement and this day I require your ALL, that I might then be your ALL and in ALL in substance, truth and reality, says your Father. Are you ready? Are you willing? Then I will supply all that is lacking and bring you into the territory of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled. This is what Zoe life is all about. This is what life and life more abundantly is all about. This is your portion and this is what I am bringing to pass in your life.

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