dpwThe Father says today you are My betrothed. My heart toward you is as the heart of a bridegroom for His bride. You are more than a mere servant. If all I wanted from you was obedience there would have been no need of the cross, no need of going down into hell for your salvation, no need of humbling Myself to become a man in order to secure the new birth in your behalf. You are My beloved. You are My betrothed. My love for you is stronger than death and My jealousy over you more cruel than the grave. I am a jealous God and My fire burns against anything in your life that would distract you from the intimacy and relationship that we share. That is My heart for you and My heart toward you this day. This day I choose to beautify you with My love and My favor because there is no greater purpose in My kingdom than to bring forth a bride suited for the bridegroom – who I AM.

So rest in this says the Father, that I am not towering over you waiting to beat you down if you don’t serve Me and grovel before Me like a slave in chains. You are My beloved. You are an heir of the kingdom and an entitled one in the heavens. All of heaven turns its focus upon you – not because of who you are in yourself but because of My evident and obvious love for you. Every angel assigned to your life understands how much I love you. Every angel working in your life does so with the understanding that you are a favored one and that My heart is inclined toward you. There is no reluctance in Me where you are concerned – let there be no reluctance in your heart where I am concerned. Let there be trust, fidelity and abandonment in your heart toward Me this day for I am your reward and your bridegroom and as such I desire to this day fill you and fill your life with every good thing.

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  • Juanita says:

    My God ! My God! Yesterday My Brother told my Mom, that he dreamed me getting married and that this was no ordinary man. I have been married since June 1976. I imediatedly told my MOM “Jesus” yes Married to the Lamb” Well its almost midnight i I just remembered i had not read todays word. Wow ! Lord im in awe of you !
    My heart is filled with JOY! and Tears! In so many ways im blessed by this ministry, Im not working but i pray to be a blessing to this ministry soon! Thank you!

  • Maria Manuela Ribeiro says:

    I come to let you know what the daily prophecy does to me. It is so amazing that every morning when I get up and reed the prophecy is like God is speeking to me directly and answer all I ask Him the day before . Even if I don’t ask is a correction I need for the day or encouragement. Thank you very much ,I ask God to Bless you as you have being bless me. Well I am at a Tim of preyer for your ministry. Maria

  • Piper Henry says:

    Yes and Amen in Jesus holy name. Thank you Father God for your word of unconditional love.

  • I wait in anticipation for these daily words. They have blessed, comforted, strengthened, and edified me through many days. Thank you so very much. God bless you ❤️ No words can express.

  • carol says:

    Amen! Very Awesome indeed! Thank you FATHER for your great wonderful spotless love for us! Alleluia!

  • Thank you Father! You are my bridegroom! I am Yours!

  • Robearh says:

    Oh my Father, how precious are your Words spoken to me, this day, Oh how it pentrates deeply with my soul, to hear your heart, to know that I know just how much you love me, and as I read these awesome words from
    your heart for me, it brought me to tears, like a fountain flowing of my heart for you as well, every word, is so
    awesome to me, for it is a sure word, only my loving Abba Father, my Papa, my daddy,my husband, can say
    with such an abundance of love, purity from within reaching out to me, and I’m overcome with the fragrance
    of you, much so, I yearn for more. I love the intimacy we share together, your presence is fullness, life, joy I
    truly enjoy, it is breathtaking. I’m thrilled just knowing and learning more and more of your beauty and tremendeous love, for this is who you are, a God, of love, an abundance of love overflowing outward to me.

    Yes, this I know, I am your favored one, chosen one, called to be like you, a heir of your Kingdom, called
    out one, chosen before the foundations of the world, set apart, for yourGlory, to be revealed, in you
    for such a time as this. I am touched, deeply, I can’t put into words just how much you mean to me
    and I thank you ever so much for standing with me throughout my lifetime. I love you. I love you. I love
    you, my God. What a treasure you are to me. Thank you for filling me this day with life, and every good
    thing. Yes you are my bridegroom, and I long for the day to meet you in the air, clothe in garments of
    fine white garments on that wedding day which awaits your chosen vessels of honor. Blessings to you
    my Father God, What a Word, a glorious Word given this day, I honor you highly my King of Kings.

  • Amen let ur will be done

  • Sonia Luna says:

    Thank you Father…I needed this tonight.

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