Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.29.40 PMThe Father says today your miracle is within your reach. Your miracle is right before you if you will only look to the Throne and not to the struggle. Shift your focus says the Father and watch the change that spontaneously manifests as a result. Why be perturbed about the enemy when you can look at the majesty of the throne? In all of life you must understand that you ARE where your ATTENTION TAKES YOU. Set your affections upon the Throne where I sit as King over every challenge of your life. I have given you heaven’s best. I have left nothing out that would be advantageous or beneficial to you in the hour of need. Lift up your head beloved and see the resources of heaven flowing to you from under the door of the temple WHICH YOU ARE.

I am not a far off God. I am not an aloof, celestial magistrate looking for any pretext to deny your plea. That is how I have been represented by those who claim to know Me best BUT THEY’VE GOT ME ALL WRONG. I am your loving Father willing to move heaven and earth, to bring time and eternity to a stand still if necessary to reach down and draw you out of the mundane limitations of earthly things. This is the accepted time. This is the hour of your salvation. I have no other calendar other than NOW to work from. Receive your entitlement beloved and know it as the portion I paid the highest price for on your behalf.

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  • Marcel says:

    Yes, Father, I receive the resources of heaven and my portion from Your gracious hand. Bless Your holy name, all the heavens and the earth! You are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. May Your name be praised forever. Amen! ; )

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