Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.29.40 PMThe Father says today you must refrain from moving in pity. If you move in pity you will crush your own soul with the false burdens of man. There is a different between pity and compassion. Compassion empowers you by My love but human pity will quench your soul with heaviness.

My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Do not yoke yourself with the expectations of man and what they want you to be. Make it your determination to be a Father pleaser and to do what you see the Father do each and every day. As you do this says the Father I will separate you from religious death and bring you to new life and new service and new joy!

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  • kate248 says:

    Wow, this is good! I see you’ve been in the closet with God today, for just like He mentioned “Everyone does have their own desires, aspirations and agenda but I want to be doing what I see the Father doing instead!” Thank you for this word for it confirms what I’ve been feeling lately…

  • Ana says:

    Thank you Father for confirming your word. As you said dust yourselve off of the words, heaviness and spiritual wounds of any religious spirits sent against you. I know your walk and I am please with you. As my ancient prophets you will be attacked but I am your shield and protector. Obey me and walk as I direct you, pleasing men is difficult but obeying me is rewarding and I will defend you against your enemies. Thank you prophet this is a confirmation of what the Father shared with me before I went to sleep. My trust is in Him always. Receive blessings for our Lord Jesus Christ.

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