Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.29.40 PMThe Father says today that I am rising up in history and rising up in the earth and riding the crest of praise that has been lifted up to Me. Your praises are the staging ground from which I work. You have asked for miracles and you have asked for signs and they are available in fact they are all around you. I am breaking into your life with new purpose and new fire.

Sweep away the ashes of past disappointments. You have camped there long enough.
You are ready says the Father. You are ready for change and change is at hand. Empty your hands and let Me fill your heart with new joy and new meaning. I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly. Allow yourself to see My abundance breaking through in your life today.

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  • natln says:

    Thank you Russ and Kitty for allowing God to use you as His mouth piece. I know my Father is always planning to do good thing s for me and I receive with open heart and hands in Jesus ,

  • Helena says:

    Good morning. I love you guys. May the Lord bless you! Always so encouraging! I dreamt last night that someone in front of me received the joy of the Lord but as it hit the person it splashed onto me as well as I stood behind…as it splashed on me I laughed! Oh it was a short laugh but soooo filled with joy and peace and freedom! I woke from it and heard myself. But I long for all of it not just a splash please pray with me to be completely free, joy and peace! I really want to do your prophetic internship, I just dont know if I can afford it as south african rand isnt so strong. Bless you two! Theres so much love from your photo for each other! As if you ve grown more in love and gentleness towards each other. Beautiful and encouraging to see!

  • Lindiwe Putu says:

    Amen! Thank u Father I receive this word in Jesus name!

  • Praise our God abundant life I do receive this word after just loosing my sister I sweep the ashes of disappointment and receive his beauty for my ashes. thank you both for all you are to the body of Christ partner in ministry Sylvia

  • dd says:

    I am giving the ashes of disappointment to my King for beauty instead, in His HOLY NAME! Amen beloveds and thank you for releasing the Father’s heart to us….His word is in my heart and mouth, even praise unto my Holy Father GOD! I am learning in weakness, His grace and glory are very great!

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