Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.29.40 PMThe Father says today there are no limitations on your faith therefore there are no limitations upon you. The boundaries that you define yourself by are not accurate to your potential. My potential is unlimited therefore your potential is unlimited. Do not look at your age or your gender. Do not limit yourself by your bankbook or your station in life. How far do you want to go says the Father? What do you want to accomplish? What is the burning desire of your heart? Did I not put that desire there? What are you waiting for? Act now! My kingdom doesn’t come with observation. You must be a participator in fact you are called not to be a bystander to My purposes but a participator in My glory.

It is a new day says the Father. Open you eyes. Command your eyes to see. Command your ears to hear. My sound is going out into the earth and it is creating and reshaping and molding your life to new purpose. Are you ready? Look not at the things that are seen because the things that are seen are temporary and subject to change. I dwell in the hidden man of your own human heart. I am releasing eternity into your time and space for new purpose and greater destiny. Do not take no for an answer. Jettison the wrong idea and the bad counsel you have received from the illegitimate authorities in your life who never had My mind for you in the first place. Shake yourself! Shake yourself and rejoice for the NEW DAY of promise is upon you.

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  • tonya says:

    Thank you Russ and Kitty for the Word of the Lord.

    Father God we love you and thank you, that you are always encouraging your children to seek higher heights and deeper depths. You are always showing us how to tap into the greatness inside, that we have inherited from YOU. Help us to see that you want only the best for us. Thank you for for not leaving us or forsaking us, inspite of our flaws. YOU are such a wonderful father.

  • June says:

    Awesome…all of them. Right on. Right on!

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