The Father Says Today: July 17th, 2016
July 17, 2016 Daily Prophetic Word

dpwThe Father says today this is your turn around time. This is the time of the turnaround. This is the time when the fortunes of your life pull back from the precipice of destruction. This is the time that I am loading into your heart the coordinates of the high place in Me you have sought for so long. You will no longer pine or struggle or grovel in the low place. I am bringing you to the high places of My Spirit. Look at your feet beloved! Your feet are beautiful! Your feet are like hind’s feet. Look! Look oh, My beloved you are coming to Me leaping upon the mountains as a hind freshly washed and adorned with My glory – ready to be presented at My courts.

No more low living says the Father. No more looking back. No more leeks and garlics. No more longing for the relationships that are only monuments of bad mistakes and poor choices. Those relationships long broken that you languish for are merely the pillars of salt in your past. Don’t look back. Let go. This is letting go time beloved. This is the turnaround time – the time of release and healing. I am healing you by the greatness of My love flowing through every infected wound of the past. Brokenness is going and wholeness is coming. You are taking on the influence and the affluence that accompanies all those who choose to love and be loved with that great love wherewith I love you. Receive My love says the Father and be changed. Be changed into THAT man and THAT woman who reflects MY glory – even the glory I show forth over you like a honey shower even now at this moment!

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"37" Comments
  1. Thank you Heavenly Father for this word i recieve it, Thank you for fullfilling your promises to me and encouraging me when all seems lost.

  2. Confirmation! Yes and amen! I receive in Jesus name!

  3. Thank you Father! Amen

  4. Yes Lord yes.. Hallelujah.. I receive your great love, for their is no great love than the father has for his children.. manifest in me Lord, for this is my turnaround time and season. I claim in Jesus holy name. I don’t know how or when , but I Trust you Lord, and I Thank you Lord.. powerful word from the throne room in heaven..

  5. Amen i believe i receive ur word is true may it be unto me according to ur will


  7. Yes Father, thank you, I do receive this message today. Continue to bless Russell and Kitty Walden and let them enjoy their private trip. In Jesus Holy and precious name, amen & amen.

  8. Amen! Thank you FATHER in JESUS NAME!

  9. Awesome to me my love, my Father, I adore so very much. This is truly wonderful to me to hear at this moment, for I have indeed waited so very long for this special deliverance to come forward. I receive it
    with open arms extended out to you this day. Glory, honor, and praises lifted up to you Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thank you Father God for confirmation! Lord, I receive all your Glory and Love right now to shine unto others and for new relationships, in the name of Jesus!

  11. I believe it and receive it!

  12. Prophets Russ and kitty Waldron .the prophetic daily word God gives you confirms. And July 17 is awesome I’m running with it its for me being a prophetess myself I can see eye to eye .. Wow
    I’m in Harrison ark my ministry is moving that way the anointing is shifting …..I’m called and Choosen to bring true revival through intercession and warfare a forerunner . its coming a mighty move of God in so mo and nw ark

  13. Amen and amen. I believe it and i receive it in Jesus name!!!! Vicky Mwihaki Fiona ‘Divinely Favoured’ Njogu Christy Hannah

  14. Yes Lord!!!! We receive it by fauth

  15. Amen amen amen!!!! Thank you Father!!!!

  16. Yes Lord yes!!! I receive your so great love with deepest thanks and highest praise! Amen!!!

  17. Amen Amen Amen””””””””””””

  18. Oh My Jesus…. I receive that❤️

  19. Yesssssss Lord Jesus! Thank you Lord!!!!!

  20. I receive this word today!!!!!!

  21. Russ….this is the second word today about “hind’s feet” and high places….Marsha Burns also released a word about it as well….I am *literally* in the mountains…just moved here a week ago….and it looks like everything is crumbling….like it’s going to require me to move AGAIN….after I got confirmation after confirmation about THIS PLACE being the exact spot where I need to be….I literally cried this morning reading this word….SO SPOT ON!!!

    • I too moved to the mountains as I was called here myself. My life as I knew it had fallen apart. 56 years of abuse, not ever a day of peace in my life until I was saved in a shelter for women. Called here to Bible college for 2 years. Have become more than i ever thought possible. But since moving here it seemed like every step I have taken has been meet with wave after wave of adversity that just won’t stop. Today’s post had me in tears and was so …spot on for me as well. Thank you Russ. I have been reading and talking with Papa each day with The Fathers Heart message. It is always right on target as if written personally to me.

  22. As a prophetic act, I turned myself around (many times, in fact). There is no turning in Him as He is perfect, Awesome.

  23. Precious servant of God i am in Jesus Name leaping to high places.I spoke this into somebodys life recently and today God wants me to recieve it for myself.

  24. Amen. This is a confirmation of the word i was given in church by our pastor. Thank you Father for bringing me to the season of the turn around. Yes i receive it. Its my time of my turn around. I possess the high place of your spirit my dear Father. Thank you for making my feet beautiful. Thank you for healing and making me whole. Thank you for lifting my standard Father. No more low living. I live in the abundance of your glory. I receive your love and embrace the change my dear Father to the glory of your name. Hallelujah!!

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