Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.29.40 PMThe Father says today do not relinquish your mindset to the enemy. I have released and imparted to you the mindset of the kingdom. The mindset of the kingdom is RULE and not subjugation. Purpose this day to win the battle for your mindset until the enemy begins to worry about the look of triumph on your face. I have infused your human spirit with the DNA of My person. You are of ROYAL blood says the Father. You are redeemed with the blood of the only begotten – you will not lose a single day, a single moment, not one split second of the enemy’s strategy will be effective against you.

You are called to rule, you are destined to rule. Relinquish all sense of helplessness or victimization. You are not a victim you are a victor. You are victorious against every assault of the wicked one. Have I not taught your fingers to fight and your hands to make war? Let the war taunts of your faith echo to the camp of the deceiver. I am about to expose his lies and reveal to you the bedrock of blessing that I have undergirded your life with. Rejoice says the Father and know that I am the FAITHFUL ONE and you will  drink the vintage of My blessing in your life even in this season.

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  • natln says:

    Amen. That is what God told me one day that He has trained my hands to war and fingers to fight after having attacked by the enemy in my dream.

    Thank you Russ for God confirming His word through you this morning.

    I love you and your ministry and what God is using you for His Kingdom. You will not lose the reward in Jerusalem Name. Amen

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