The Father says today, I am taking you where your intellect cannot go. The natural man and the natural mind cannot comprehend that which I am doing in your life. Learn to relinquish rationalistic ways of thinking. Learn to simply say yes to Me even when you do not understand what I am doing or where I am taking you. There will always be the answer of peace on the inside of you even when your intellect is complaining like a spoiled child. The mind of the natural man wants to control and dominate but I have given your human spirit ascendency in all things. Your spirit understands the “yes” of heaven even when all your mind can see is delay, denial and downturn. Let My mind become the default place of rest within you says the Father, and all will be revealed and you will move forward into the acceleration season I have ordained for you.

What I am really bidding you to do is simply roll over on your back in the River of Life and let the current take you into the depths of My goodness. Your natural mind will stand on the shore complaining and kicking up the dust of this demand or that demand but the raft of My blessing and the current of My goodness will never be comprehended by the old man of rationale, intellect and carnality. Taste! Taste and see, says the Father, all the good things that I have for you when you LET GO and LET GOD! I will open your blinded eyes, I will cause you to hear the best of what I have for you. No longer will you fill your mouth with the husks of dry, religious understandings. The RHEMA of My truth will become the BANQUETING table you will partake of daily as you see all that I have promised you become reality in your situation!

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