DSC07706The Father says today that there is no regret in love. I have no regret that I spent heaven’s best in your behalf says the Father. My heart is enlarged toward you today. My love for you knows no depth or height or limitation. If Calvary was called for again today I would bestow upon you My Only Begotten yet again for the love wherewith I have loved you. My love is not a clinical thing or some obscure, detached concept. My love for you is the very heart of who I AM. Were I not to love you I would not be the All Sufficient One for My love is inherent in every aspect of My character and My relationship to you is one of passion and intensity and unconditional advocacy.

So your role then is to be the beloved. Allow yourself to receive My love and revel in My love and know it as your portion that I accord to you unconditionally. I love you and beyond love there is no purpose or plan for My love encapsulates all I would that you ever know about who I am and what I am in your life. Accept My love says the Father. Accept the love of the only begotten and go out in your day and be the beloved for I have set My love upon you and I will not relent until the fullest measure of love finds its expression in your life.

What Others Are Saying:

Thank you for this amazing word Jan 8th. The words “there is no Lordship there but mine in the secret place. I was having one of those mornings. Thank you for stopping me in my tracks. I have come to my senses. Thank you Lord!

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  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    Thank you Father for this message on love. Thank you for reminding me that I am good enough to give love and I am good enough to receive love. For you so loved the world that you gave your only begotten Son,our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to save our souls…Thank you!

  • Pauline says:

    Thank YOU, Russ and Kitty for the Prophetic word today. I truly needed to hear this message from the Lord. I have been in a journey of God increasing my faith , trail and testing. It the midst of this journey just to understand how God never will forsake us or leave us. How really loves us unconditionally. I need to hear this word from God I love you no matter want.

  • marie parnes says:

    someone i hadnt heard from for nearly a year, texted me and called me beloved……i thought she was just maybe feeling bad, now in today 9th jan word from you about us being the beloved thank you marie

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