The Father says today, that the blood that was shed on the cross speaks louder than your failure. It is true that the choices you make and have made, the failures you have had and are enduring say something about who you are. The blood of Calvary however is also speaking. The blood that was shed in your behalf is speaking as well, and it is speaking louder than your failure. The blood is speaking louder than your sin. The blood is speaking louder than your sickness. The blood of Jesus is speaking louder than those who hate and criticize you. The blood is speaking louder than the court of man to condemn you. The blood speaks, beloved – and what the blood speaks over you supersedes what any other voice is saying regarding what happens next in your life.

When Cain slew Abel and Abel’s blood seeped into the ground around his lifeless body, it cried out for vengeance. Abel’s blood demands judgment but the blood of Christ demands and commands that you go free and be set at liberty! The blood of the Son ran down the timbers of the cross and cried out – not for vengeance but for clemency. The blood cries out, you are healed. The blood cries out your forgiven. The blood cries out, you are set free. The blood cries out for your miracle, your deliverance and your freedom from every chain. The blood speaks beloved, and it doesn’t matter what the circumstance says or what any man says because the blood of Jesus and what the blood is saying over you right now constitutes your emancipation and liberty from every limiting condition and situation in your life, says God.

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  • Thankful says:

    Thank you lord for your goodness, your love is abundant, your grace is sufficent and your mercy is great! I adore your ways with all my heart. My sin was heavy, you came and saved me from my own ways, i was in darkness. Getting to know you is a blessing, I did not fathom your beauty at the time. Of all your servants i fall the shortest of your glory yet, you love and bless with gifts. How loving u are as a father. You are truly amazing, you are imcomparable. Thank you Father!

  • Carolmay says:


  • Gregory De Feo says:

    Yes, Lord–the choices I’ve made have shown the kind of person I’ve been, and it hasn’t been commendable. Please, may I experience every word of this Word. Please turn my life around, I know not how under my present circumstances. Please don’t just deliver me OUT, but INTO–and afford me thereby one last, and best, chance to live! Thank You! (For I never in my life had really learned how to live, given my fear, pride & stubbornness).

  • Amen! Thank you for the Blood of Jesus! I am free and Blessed in Jesus Name! Hallelujah!

  • Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU ABBA, for the blood of YOUR Son, YESHUA, our MESSIAH, that is speaking YOUR ‘zoe’, concerning, for, in, on and to us…..THANK YOU Oh HASHEM….AMEIN!!! .to all that has been, is being and will be spoken…..

  • Anonymous says:

    I receive…thank you Lord…❤️

  • Lami Davou says:

    Thank you Jesus. These words came at a perfect time on this occasion of my birthday. I give you praise.

  • I receive this word today for my life amen!!!

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