DSC07224The Father says today let My song be in your heart. Lift up the song of praise and the song of triumph for I have brought you to My courts where the reproaches of the enemy cannot reach you. Cry aloud on your bed and make melody in your heart for I will justify the melody with the inspiration of answered prayer provisioned by My hand.  Praise brings down the enemy and releases the sound of heaven. The sound of heaven is in your land and it originates in your heart where I sit enthroned, superintending every aspect of your life. Sing the song of mercy and the song of grace says the Father for I am disposed NOW to show My loving-kindness upon you.

The Father says it is time for you to fly. I am now working to make your life seriously aerodynamic. I am now lightening your load and simplifying those things and been complicated. I am un-complicating your life says the Father so determine to work with me and give Me your full cooperation. Do not take on responsibilities that are not yours and do not allow others to impose their agenda upon your life. My favor is upon you today and from this point forward as you align and cooperate with Me I will completely reshape the spiritual geography of your existence.

What Others are Saying:

Thanking the Father always for leading me to your website that night…and for the grace to believe in Him and His prophets. Thank you for this personal prophetic word for 2014,  which is is a precious confirmation word. This word  will help me greatly to wage a good warfare. God Bless you, Russ and Kitty.

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  • Don Selby says:


  • nicky says:

    praise you Lord thank you.

  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    This message is so God speaking to me. Before I read the prophecy for January 1, 2014, I woke up in the middle of the night praising God and put on a worship CD that blessed my heart. Also, in this message were words that Kitty spoke to me in a personal prophetic message. I could never express how much I appreciate you Pastor Russ and Kitty for your guts to pursue, to overtake, to succeed in this very, very special ministry of love, hope, inspiration, guidance, power, peace, protection and much, much more. I trust God to always uphold this ministry and bless it and all concerned beyond our fondest dreams and above our highest expectations. You are truly blessed and all those connected to this awesome work of the Lord! Happy New Year!!

  • Gail Timmerman says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words from Abba.We will finish strong.We will bring in the full harvest.We will rise in His glory His mercy His victory Their sacrafice Their love

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