DSC07432The Father says today that I am blowing the shofar of the blast of My nostrils into your spirit today. I am sending My wind to give life and breath to all that is within you. Tell your ears to HEAR My SOUND says the Father. It is a sound that calls to the feast of celebrating My blessing and My abundance. It is a sound of war against deprivation, denial and failure. Your destiny will not be an abortion says the Father. Listen to My voice and yield to My sound as it reverberates through every fiber of your being.

My sound is living and vibrant with strength and blessing and favor. Open your ears to My sound and reject the whispers of the enemy that speak failure, defeat and despondency. The outlook is NOT bleak says the Father. Command your eyes to see for I have given you the city and the citadels of darkness around you are falling in ruin to the earth. No more failure, no more sorrow, no more sighing for MY SOUND says the Father is sounding the CLARION annunciation of BLESSING, and FAVOR, and KINGDOM PORTION in your life this day!

What Others are Saying:

Thank you so much for the personal prophetic word that you gave – just so encouraging and edifying and empowering as 2014 begins – I felt overwhelmed and so touched by The Holy Spirit, thanks again and also thanks so much for all the great work that God is doing through your ministry.

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  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    Thank you for this encouraging message. I am gaining a wealth of wisdom from the Father by reading these prophecies everyday. Thank you Lord for anointing my ears to hear and my eyes to see into the spirit realm. This ministry is definitely one of the keys to the Kingdom!

  • Alison says:

    This prophecy is right on time for me. God has called me to train for a major audition for singing in L.A. at the end of this year for a show on TV and I needed to read this! I have to line up my thoughts with God’s!
    Thanks Russ and Kitty!

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