dpw-150The Father says today that I have called you to be a participator not an observer. No more pressing your nose against the glass of other people’s blessings. You will have that which is your own. You will see the sure and certain promises personalized for your life before the foundation of the world was laid. In the day when the sons of God sang for joy when the foundations of the earth were laid I certified My promise and My blessing upon you says the Father. Struggle is not your portion says the Father. As David encouraged himself in the Lord even so say in your heart “I will not be denied… My blessing will not be delayed….”

Can you take now for an answer says the Father? Now is all I have to give you. I am not waiting for some mysterious date in the future before I bless you. I am not looking at the past to disqualify you in some way. Receive the cleansing of My son and the cleansing of My Spirit for My river is flowing through your life this day. So lean not to your own understanding. Refuse to look to man and his solutions for I am bringing the more-than-you-can-ask-or-think breakthrough to your life that will leave you owing no man anything but to love him. Receive of My kindness. Receive My unconditional love and My unrestrained favor for this is My day of moving in your life in a miraculous way.

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