Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.28.03 PMThe Father says today receive of My super-abundance. The wealth of the wayward is laid up whose lives reflect the full understanding of My ways. The ungodly see My acts and scoff. The righteous perceives My ways and prospers. When I descended into the earth I clothed Myself in frailty that I might display My Father’s glory. That same glory is available to you this day. Clothe yourself in the I-AM-NESS of My completeness. Speak into the darkness and say “Light BE!” Look into the chaos and say “KINGDOM COME!” For I have released My power and My anointing to you and through you that you might reign on the earth as New Creations born of My Father’s hand.

I have bestowed upon you the Zoe-life of the Father that you might reveal My glory. I have emboldened you with My love and crowned you with My favor. Go out into your day and challenge the darkness and see My glory made manifest. You are My lamp and I will fill you with My light and My effulgence. You are My diadem and My scepter and I will wield you against the oppressor. Take to you the full armor of My Father and know it as your provision, protection and promotion for the banner of Jehovah-Nissi waves over you in its glory enunciating the outcome of victory and liberation and deliverance in your life.

What Others are Saying:

God bless you Russ and Kitty, you are a blessing to me. I look forward to reading the daily prophetic word and it truly ministers to me. Please continue to keep sending me those lovely words of inspiration. I have told other people about your ministry and what a blessing it is to be connected to you. God bless you richly!!

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  • Bridgette, Blessed & Hightly Favored says:

    Dear MY heavenly Father,I receive whole-heartedly your super-abundance since you say in
    your word that “The wealth of the wicked, is stored up for the rightgeous.”

    I trust and thank you for soon releasing ALL that the enemy has stolen and is still
    attempting to steal from me and my family. Lord, you siad that your children should
    NEVER beg for bread, and NO weapon formed against them shall prosper.

    Also, I remind you further of your word . . . .That NO weapon formed against me shall ever prosper. I am a tither, a giver, a sower. Therefore, Lord, I continually trust
    and patiently wait for you my Father to do your part as ALWAYS.

    Prophets, prayer warriors, believers, interceders, worshipers, my sweet holy spirit,
    lets come into agreement, on on page in decreeing and declaring that our Father SHALL
    and will OPEN the heavens for me and my family, that there will not be room enough for
    us to receive it as stated in the word of our Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! Amen! Amen! and Amen! Halleluah!

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