20140203_160708-1The Father says today allow generosity of spirit to flow through you today like water. I live on the inside of you – give Me room to move in and through you to others. Love unconditionally. Give lavishly. Forgive unreasonably. Love, give and forgive until your love scandalizes the small-minded, religious professors whose love has grown cold. Reach out to the undeserving and those who haven’t loved you back. Let your testimony toward them be “I am going to love you and there is nothing you can do about it!”

This is the audacity of love says the Father. Men can place restriction and constraint upon you but the nature of love is to break out and flow out to the lowest common denominator of relationship and expectation. Love is a spiritual geography to itself that is alien to failure or defeat. So export all your hopes and dreams and petitions to the geography of love for that is where faith’s fullest measure spontaneously gives substance to every vision and dream born in your heart by My incorruptible Seed.

What Others are Saying:

I have gone through the prophetic course and the Advance course, what a blessing those two courses have been to my life….It has taught me how to hear what the Father is saying to me….It has made my spirit come alive to the voice of God within me…now my walk in God is totally different, and I now live in constant awareness that Father speaks, and He does want his voice to be heard…I want to encourage anyone who would like to be trained in hearing the voice of Father to take these two courses, I promise you, your life will never, ever be the same….your walk in God will be totally transformed for ever.


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  • HEIDI says:

    Thank you for your precious sweet words Father God. I long for an encounter with you fill my spirit overflowing with an abundance of your love for me. FIll my cup, the dry empty barren places in my life, as I speak, send godly ,loving friends to me soon, is my heart’s cry ,my Father, I await daily for your words, for it is life to me.

    I’m ready to step out from the dry places in my life. I desire to know real pure love from one of your choosing for me, who will treat me right, one who is right with you, one who will lead help me in my walk with you in this lifetime ,is my heart;s desire, for I have Never experience pure real love from a man, so call christian man.

    I desire a Real Godly man reserved for me, one of your choosing this year 2014. I decree it and call it done in the name of Jesus so be it. I praise you with the highest of honor and praise. I love to sing praises to you, for you are always on my mind every waking moment of my life. I’m lonely.

    Father God, you said it is Not good for us to be alone, and yes I am not called to be single, help me to wait patiently for the King you said you would bring me to that place as I speak to him. Loving you Father God, is the Greatest for you created it to be, and without love what is man ? What is woman ? Yoke me up with the right companions. I love others for you are abiding in me. I have been through the fire, I have passed the test, I am seated with you in high places, your daughter Heidi, for you call me by my name, you know everything about me, words before I speak. I speak boldness, truth this day Feb. 4,2014 my year of fulfillment.

    Thank you Father God, for hearing my prayer in Jesus name Amen !

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