The Father says today, I have called you to be of a peculiar tribe. As I manifest Myself in you, there will be a peculiarity come to the surface that not everyone will understand. As you grow in your place – in your new place of freedom, there will be an anointing that will come and will bring release and deliverance to even those who do not understand you or Me. They will puzzle and they will remain quizzical, but they will undeniably acknowledge that their desperation was met with the deliverance through your testimony and your ministry of love and kindness toward them. I will litter the landscape of your life with the revealing of Myself in these peculiar ways, says the Father – that will change your perspective and the perspective of others who thought they knew who I was and what I would do until they met you and saw what I was doing in and through you.

This is the excellence of what I am doing in your life. My goal is bringing about in you total and absolute confidence in My name and in My revealed nature. I will teach you. I will instruct and illuminate you. You will know not just My acts, but you will understand My ways and My ways will be made manifest in you. I will teach you to minister to Me and I will minister to you. Then out of that transactional gifting, favor will flow out of you to overwhelm others. People will arise – My people will arise to subvert the tolerance of the religious systems of man, and what My kingdom truly looks like and how it operates to bring about a new day. I will bring together those with whom you seemingly have nothing in common with and you will see them and know them as members of your tribe. This is the family that I set you in. This is the new breed of prophetic people I am raising up and inviting you to be a part of, says the Father.

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