dpw-150The Father says today write the vision and make it plain that YOU may run when you read ti! When I said “write the vision make it plain…” I wasn’t referring to just ANY vision. I said write THE vision. Write the vision I have painted in your heart and in your mind. Write the vision in pigments of hope and expectation. This is the image and picture I have embedded in your being that reflects My plan and My purpose and My blueprint for all your tomorrows. Write THAT vision says the Father for that vision will not fail it will surely come to pass and be fruitful in the thing whereunto I sent it.

Say to your heart “be compliant to the voice of thy God”. Say to your mind “THINK THE THOUGHTS of thy God”. Say to your eyes “SEE” and to your ears “HEAR”. Now are you ready to go deeper? Say to your feet: “FEET! Walk in the path that the Father has revealed!” Will I not be with you in the way? Even in the way that I set forth with clarity and surety within you this day. I say to you Beloved – WRITE, and SEE, and WALK in that vision that I have manifested within you afresh and anew today.

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  • tonya says:

    Thank you Russ and Kitty for this beautiful Word of the Lord.

    I say yes Lord, to your will and to your ways. Thank you Lord

    for the desires I know, you have placed in my heart. Longings that

    just will not go away. We want better, because the God we serve, is not

    a mediocre God. He wants us to reap both the spiritual and material

    benefits, he has provided but we must seek first his kingdom.

    The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

  • cynthia says:

    Good Morning

    I just want to share this morning that this is confirmation for me. I had an open vision last week ….it was the tip of a sharp pencil…..and immediately I said God what does this mean? i did not see any words written it was just the tip of a sharp pencil but it had not begun to write just yet. Well after I said that…the scripture write the vision make it plain came to mind but I still sat wondering. I have seen more visions …with this pencil….I got up this morning telling myself today is the day you will understand and when you do ACT. I opened up my mail and (Prophet Russ and Kitty) confirmation is showing up in my life this day.

    I thank the Father for being patient with me when I sometimes am clueless as to what I am seeing.
    I am learning how to better walk in what the father is gracing and equipping me with and I am glad that He is allowing the Prophets to mentor me.

    To Prophets Russ and Kitty I don’t know if you know it or not but I am learning from your ministry. Thank you

  • glorygirl says:

    WOW!!!! amen!

  • Thanks I truly witness that it is done as His Spirit confirmed with my spirit it is the now coming to pass via #ThyHappenings for He is the very author, Glory Hallelujah Amen 😀

  • Thanks I truly witness that it is done as His Spirit confirmed with my spirit it is the now coming to pass via #ThyHappenings for He is the very author, Glory Hallelujah Amen 😀

  • Marcel says:

    Done! Thank you for the encouragement ~

  • Alison Canty says:

    This is totally amazing because I was on a prophetic website yesterday called “Where Eagles Gather” and the message contained this scripture from Habakkuk and was almost the exact same message! Wow! You are really synchronized! This gives me hope that the vision that God gave me in 2012 is about to come down the pike, hopefully, this year. God has shifted my direction and I’m walking ahead.

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