Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.21.45 AMThe Father says every one of the hairs of your head are accounted for in My book Beloved. Every one of your days is numbered and marked for demonstrations of My goodness and My blessing in your life. I am not looking for a reason to withhold from you. I am not the God who withholds I am the Father who provides and guides and brings you to highest, best and first in all things. I call you the head and not the tail. I call you above and not beneath. I call you provisioned and not impoverished.

I am not the God of poverty Beloved I am the God of increase. Let your cry to Me be “More, Lord” for such a desire will I not withhold from those who abandon themselves to My limitless grace and unbounded blessing. I take delight in blessing you – will I deny Myself that which so pleases Me by saying no or delaying without remedy. Trust in My nature today says the Father. Run into My name. My name is your entitlement. My name is your safe zone where every need is addressed and every desire is bounded by My favor and My willingness as established by the gift of the Only Begotten. It’s a new day says the Father – set your expectation upon Me and you will not be dismayed or denied in any way.

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  • Precious Lord, I love You and You always amaze me… Thank You for the Joy of the Lord this morning..I am so blessed Amen

  • Hallelujah #Thanks great I am, i beleieved and received this favor Amen

  • Pauline says:

    Thank you God for loving me and taking care of me . There is nothing I can not do without you for my strength and grace comes from you Lord. I love you O Lord. Lord Bless Kitty & Russ , bless them with breakthroughs for there ministry and pour the oil of the holy spirit upon. Bless them Sister in Christ Pauline

  • Judith Dodson says:

    I felt so helpless today because I was given a notification that my checking account (which was opened in a “no Fee” agreement ) was now going to be charged a $20.00/mo. service fee starting Jan. 1 , 2015….. So , today I had to close it out …..BUT…..This Word from the Lord encouraged me and was “right on” ! . . . It reminded me ” WHO” my source and strength and provider is . . . and that His terms of fulfilled promises NEVER CHANGES ; Most of all . . . He doesn’t charge us anything for His abundance that He adds daily to our checking account in Heaven. . . To Qualify , He only asks us to know Him as Our SAVIOR & LORD. . .
    and to follow Him with AND IN Loyalty, Love , Service , with all of our heart , and soul. MOST of all , HE desires our fellowship with HIM in the spirit-realm of the SECRET PLACE of His dwelling …. 24/7 .
    So, I put my trust in HIS unfailing love and provision .

  • Marcel says:


    • Jacquie says:

      I thank God. Each day the prophetic word has a lot to do with me. It has encouraged and helped me to change, develop and grow. Its awesome for me for God to be talking directly to me on a daily bases , how can I go wrong? How can I not be strengthened? I read these first thing in the morning and my days are filled with joy. Thank you prophets Russ and Kitty may the good Lord bless and increase you.

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