DSC06057The Father says let the heavy burden of self-recrimination be lifted off of you today. There are self-imposed burdens you are struggling under that I have not set upon your shoulders. Allow yourself this day to come to yoke easy burden light. This day I break off of you the false balance and the false weights and burdens imposed by the lie of the enemy. It is time to still the echo of accusation that has even come from those closest to you. It is time says the Father to wash yourself from the contamination of guilt and unkind words that have been spoken over you.

Forgive, release, bless and move on to a higher place of freedom from every lie of the enemy (wherever it arises from – even trusted companions). I am bringing you to rest in the threshing floor says the Father. I am threshing out My purpose in the earth and in your life. You will participate in the harvest and rest in the garner as I gather into safety every precious thing that you have been so overly concerned about. Cast the care on Me says the Father you are closer to deliverance and breakthrough than you know.

What Others are Saying:

I have been combing your website and listening to everything I can. Although I haven’t made my way all the way through yet, I am very excited about what God has called you to do. Thank you for sharing your journey and enlightening me with God’s Word and may He bless the work of your hands. I’ll stay tuned!

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  • nic says:

    Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement. Amen

  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    Thank you Pastor Russ I truly needed this prophecy today. Thank you for your faithfulness and commitment to the Lord.

  • Bridgette says:

    Lord you have and is speaking to me direct. Please pray for me people as this is my situation
    as it may yours.

    Prophets keep me in your prayers. This prophetic word is speaking to me. Please pray that all
    the emotional burdens and worry fade away, I pray for PEACE in my spirit and soul. AMEN JESUS!

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